2007 Top 14

There is no doubt that we had some heartaches in 2008; a robbery and fire, some tragic deaths, losses that are too tough to even write about, but I wanted to start off 2008 with a blog that lists some of the past year’s highlights!

  1. Obtained Conditional Use Permit for Hope Gardens Family Center
  2. Moved families into Hope Gardens Family Center
  3. Saluted former CEO Warren Currie and named the first completed residential buildings at Hope Gardens Family Center – Currie Court – in honor of Warren and his family.
  4. Received $1 Million each from Weingart, Ahmanson and Lincy Foundations for Hope Gardens Family Center
  5. Union Rescue Mission appeared on Dateline, Prime Time, Anderson Cooper 360, 60 Minutes, and a pivotal scene in Oscar nominated major motion picture SiCKO (along with Economist Magazine, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and many other media/publications)
  6. Union Rescue Mission was given a 4 Star rating by Charity Navigator for the first time
  7. Chief Financial Officer Richard Sykes was named one of the top Non-Profit CFO’s by Los Angeles Business Journal
  8. EIMAGO, Inc., our non-profit public benefit organization affiliate, capable of receiving government funding, reorganized to be of benefit to Union Rescue Mission’s specific Mission – including additional winter shelter for 560 homeless friends!
  9. Union Rescue Mission/EIMAGO steps up to take on 4 new winter shelter contracts – in our downtown shelter site, West Side, Culver City, and Burbank, making sure 560 additional folks aren’t left out in winter rain and cold
  10. Union Rescue Mission is certified excellent by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM)
  11. Our 2006 Annual Report received 1st place at AGRM International Conference in May 2007
  12. CEO Andy Bales was named one of top 3 fundraising professionals in Los Angeles by the Association of Fundraising Professionals at National Philanthropy Day
  13. Union Rescue Mission, its Capital Campaign, and affiliate EIMAGO raised the most funds in one year since 1992, when a large bequest came to URM to enable URM to build its current facility downtown
  14. Union Rescue Mission hosts our best Christmas Store to date. 400 families celebrated Christmas in a very special way. Take a look at what it meant in the life of one special family

  15. Serwa | Stories from Skid Row from Union Rescue Mission.

    What were your highlights in 2007?
    What are your hopes for 2008?