Summer Heat

We realized summer had arrived this week and it was not just the scorching Southern California heat that let us know.

On Tuesday, a gentleman who had just been transferred from our extended winter shelter beds to our emergency guest services beds, was standing outside of Union Rescue Mission on San Julian Street, when a group of young men attacked him, even going so far as to punch him in the face. Our guest fell, his head struck the pavement, and he was gone. Immediately, we all began grieving this tragic loss and for his family. There was no mention of his life or death in the news, but he was a valuable human being and very precious in our sight.

The next day one of our little boys at the Mission stepped onto the bus and was punched right in the face, leaving a big gash and a great need for stitches. The bus driver dropped him off at the curb and drove on to school. I comforted this little guy and his struggling mom and younger brother as they stepped into the ambulance.

We knew summer had arrived – our efforts to cool folks off and cool folks down with heightened care and security had started.

We delivered nearly 1,000 cold bottles of water out on the streets 4 out of the 5 weekday afternoons and we were greeted mostly with extreme thanks, to us and to the Lord. Some folks on the street were so troubled that they cursed at and threw the bottles back toward us. One troubled man even poured the cold water out in front of us despite the 97 degree weather and his extreme thirst. My most encouraging moment came when, after receiving a cold cup of water, one elderly lady moved from distress to dancing with joy!

On these days we know that we have the opportunity to lift spirits, extend the love of Jesus Christ, and possibly even save lives. Please keep our TEAM IN YOUR PRAYERS or even come and join us on any afternoon when the temperature is above 85 degrees. Blessings, Andy B

How are you beating the heat this summer?

Are there folks near you in need of cold water?

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