Urgent Plea from Rev. Andy Bales, URM CEO

Urgent Plea from Rev. Andy Bales, URM CEODear Friends,

With your help this year, we’ve been able to step up like never before in our history, serving 1,300 precious men, women and children every night, and we never turn away a family with children or a woman who comes to our door. How could we, with all of the dangers ever present out on the streets of Skid Row and our city?

We’ve filled our 4th floor with families, added a 5th floor wing for families (and already filled it), and now 11 families have spilled into our gym.

We have 13 dads, 87 moms, and 207 children downtown at URM, in addition to 350 single women and 500 men. And an additional 200 moms and children and 25 senior ladies are at Hope Gardens.

We’ve been able to step up like never before because of your strong support. We could not do it without you!

Our budgeted revenue has kept up with the need throughout this year because of your generous support. However, we’ve hit a bump in the road-as an expected $2 million bequest has been put on hold. Yet, we still need to meet our fiscal year end budget. We project a nearly $2 million shortfall!

So we are pulling out all of the stops. We had a successful inaugural 5K Walk on June 2nd.

I began my 2nd Annual Cycle to Save Lives Ride from Skid Row to Sacramento and have secured a $500K Match. Every gift given toward the ride and to URM.org will be matched/doubled until June 30th.

I hope you will give now to help us continue to step up to the incredible need.




Rev. Andy Bales, CEO

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