Our Continued Prayer As URM Grows

Our Continued Prayers As URM Grows

Dear Family,

Wise friends have been telling me this for years and I’ve reminded myself many times;

You can worry, or you can pray, but you can’t do both!

I want you to know – I AM PRAYING!!

We have the biggest fundraising mountain we’ve ever had to climb these last two weeks of December!!

We’ve raised $1 Million so far in December BUT need $4.6 Million more in order to continue to be THE MISSION who never turns away a woman or a family with children who comes to our door while still serving nearly 500 men each night.

1,500 precious souls, including over 400 children, are counting on us reaching the top of this December 31st mountain.

We are the only rescue mission in Los Angeles welcoming single men, single women, moms with kids, dads with kids & two parent families with kids and we embrace more people with the compassion of Christ than the combined total of all other agencies serving our area.

This week, the LAPD found a young family on the street outside and brought them in. We helped mom & dad & 2 little girls, 7 years old & 3 years old, who had spent nearly a year on the streets get into their own place and the girls ran around the room shouting & dancing, “It’s a palace!! It’s a palace!!”

We plan to do so much more;

construction begins this week in our downtown back parking lot on a Sprung.com permanent structure to house 120 single women in a 24/7 comprehensive shelter.

15 added transitional housing units for 15 more families at Hope Gardens are only one month from completion.

Plans are moving ahead to begin building a satellite facility for 85 families in South LA County this coming August.

We can only continue stepping up to the need everyday and move ahead with our plans if we have a Christmas miracle of Giving through you!!

Please join in this miracle today by giving the most generous gift you can.

All gifts will be matched – so every dollar you give will enable two dollars to go towards the work of URM in serving Los Angeles’ homeless people!!

God can do this through you!!

Keep praying!! Don’t worry!!

“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Philippians 4:6 ESV

Thank you & God bless you,

Andy Bales

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