Students Spend Time Serving at URM

Foothills Christian School - Serving Lunch  

This week, we have had the pleasure of having the 8th grade class from Foothills Christian Church volunteer.  The volunteering is part of a 7- year tradition the school  has set up; each year, the 8th grade class completes a unit on Homelessness in America.  At the end of the unit, they are able to come down to Union Rescue Mission to experience serving and see first hand many of the issues they have been learning about.

Foothills Christian School - Helping With Food Prep   

We are very grateful for all the students and their hard work this week – not only have they been a tremendous help with kitchen work and laundry, but they have brought smiles and laughter to many of the guests!

Foothills Christian School - Making Sack Lunches