Summer Camp Makes Lasting Memories for Kids

One of the highlights of summer for many kids is the opportunity to go to summer camp!  This year, we were excited to be able to send kids from URM and Hope Gardens to The Oaks Camp by Lake Hughes, CA.

A week at summer camp is a welcome retreat from Downtown LA and city life in general.  The Oaks, nestled in the Angeles National Forest, offers breathtaking views and a peace and quiet not found in urban areas. Many of the campers had never been to the country before, much less experienced the outdoor activities that were offered. They enjoyed making new friends, canoeing, rock-climbing, learning about God, campfires, and swimming!

Stephen, a 6th-grader from URM, said his favorite part of camp was “Fire Circle” – each night everyone goes up into the mountains for a campfire. They sing, see pictures from that day, and listen to the speaker.  Marcus, an 8th-grader from URM, enjoyed the speaker and canoeing. He even made a promise to start reading his Bible everyday, and was the only camper in his cabin to memorize every single Bible verse for the whole week!

Although the cost of camp is high, the chance to experience new things, make new friends, and learn about God in a whole new way is invaluable. Summer Camp is a life-changing experience for many kids, and we are so grateful to everyone who helped make it possible for us to provide this great opportunity!