Paris Hilton to Host Shopping Extravaganza for URM

Paris and Nicky Hilton have teamed up with West Third Street boutique House of Petro Zillia to benefit Union Rescue Mission!  Thursday, December 17th, from 7pm-10pm, the sisters will be hosting the shopping extravaganza; proceeds of all sales will be donated to URM.

Thank you to Paris and Nicky Hilton, who continue to support URM, and to House of Petro Zillia for taking part in this great event!


petro zillia

7 thoughts on “Paris Hilton to Host Shopping Extravaganza for URM

  1. Ann on

    IMO it’s very decent of the Hilton sisters to get involved in so many local charitable causes.

    Their kindness, both seen and unseen, is appreciated by more people than they will ever know.
    May God bless them this season and always.

  2. Hope on

    I always believe in Paris and her sister… They may be rich, famous and controversial due to their status. But deep inside I know that they also have a heart of gold.

    God bless and more power!


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