Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…

sending Valentine’s Day love, from us to you!

What do you look forward to on Valentine’s Day? Do you have any plans this year?  We asked some of our guests what they think about Valentine’s Day, and here’s what they said!

"This year, I'm giving my daughters a prayer and chocolate covered strawberries to show them I love them. But the true gift of giving is a gift from God." - Zane






"My favorite Valentine's Day memories are buying red roses and chocolates for my wife." - Eric

"My fiance better be taking me out, buying me a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal!" - Sharon

"I get a party at shool and we get to make Valentines to give to people." - Donovan

"This is the first Valentine's Day I'm actually celebrating in a really long time. I'm sending a chocolate rose, perfume and a CD to a girl I've been talking to and really like!" - Roderick


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