Humanitarian Service Award Goes to Andy Bales!

 The OWIN Foundation, a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to providing aid to orphans and widows throughout the continent of Africa, hosted its 4th Annual Fundraising Gala last Saturday, March 20th.  The theme for the event was, “Development, Africa & You: Erasing Poverty Through Education.”  A.C. Green, formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers and known as the NBA’s Iron Man, was the Key Note Speaker.

Andy Receiving OWIN Award 

Andy Bales was honored as the Humanitarian Service Award Recipient for his 20 years of experience in community outreach and service to “his homeless friends”, as he puts it.  The OWIN Foundation selected Andy because of his work in bringing a new era of unique and innovative services for Los Angeles’ Skid Row community.

Rick Rozman & Andy Bales  

Mr. Rick Rozman, VP of Merrilly Lynch and OWIN Foundation Board Member, presented the award to Andy.



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