Oasis Christian Centers Hosts Food Drive for URM

We would like to send a special thanks to Oasis Christian Center for hosting a food drive, with the donations going to URM!  They were able to collect more than 2,500 cans of food.

In particular, we appreciate the hard work of Pastor Phillip & Holly Wagner, Pastor Alex Jones Moreno, and the whole Oasis team for being out in the rain collecting food!


One thought on “Oasis Christian Centers Hosts Food Drive for URM

  1. Guadalupe on

    My name is Guadalupe Cortez, first of all I want to thank the great opportunity to give families and men and women can begin a new life and trust and be guided by Jesus our savior. I am sending this email because I would really like to do personal education groups for Latina women, some years ago I had the great opportunity to work with Union Rescue Mission, and I feel very honored to have met so many wonderful people in this time today I want the opportunity to do something for these women who for reasons of life are in the unfortunate situation of being homeless. I would also like to present a project that might help Union Rescue Mission to raise funds. This project is hacerca a play about domestic violence would love for presentation at Union Rescue Mission, and many of your guest are actors and could participate in this play.

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