Water Walk Returns with Warm Temps!

As the high in downtown Los Angeles neared 87 degrees yesterday, URM employees took to the streets with cold bottles of water!

It’s a tradition for us to distribute water to the people of Skid Row every time the temperature hits 85 degrees or higher.  The Water Walk is a great opportunity for us to build trust with the citizens of downtown Los Angeles – it is our hope that they will realize how much we truly care about them, and maybe they will stop in to see us sometime!

Lakers fans enjoy some refreshing H2O on a warm spring afternoon!

Although usually a summer activity, we are blessed to be enjoying beautiful weather early this year!

If you are interested in coming along for a Water Walk sometime, feel free to contact our Volunteer Department at (213) 347-6300 x1148.  If you would like to donate so that we can continue to provide for the people of Skid Row, please go to urm.org/donate for more information!


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