Standout Volunteers Honored for National Volunteer Week

It takes a lot of work to do what we do here at URM, and we couldn’t do it all without the help of our many volunteers!  In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we honored some of our standout volunteers!  A total of 10 volunteers made it down to our Tuesday morning chapel for a special recognition in front of our staff and guests.

Volunteer Recognition 10 

Without the help of these and other faithful individuals and organizations, we would not be where we are today!

Volunteer Recognition 7 

Thanks to everyone who gives of their time to make an impact here on Skid Row – you are appreciated!

2010 Volunteer Appreciation Attendees:

Ahman Banes & Shawn Gendall representing Calvary Church – Pacific Palisades

Keiko Ichikawa, representing The Bridge

Kathy Morrison

Pamela Bernard

Dale Gibson

Cruz Martinez

Sean Brazil, VP of the URM Club at San Marino High School

Bel Air Presbyterian

Merrill Lynch/Bank of America


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