You Saved Hope Gardens!

Just a few months ago, we were facing one of the worst crises we’ve ever had – the possibility that we might have to close down our Hope Gardens Family Center. Thankfully, many generous donors stepped up to the need and helped us raise $3.8 million, even more than our original goal! To celebrate and thank those who played a crucial part in saving Hope Gardens, we threw a party last weekend, thanks in part to generous sponsorship from Home Depot and Dandy Don’s Ice Cream. Guests were able to tour Hope Gardens, and meet the moms and children that they saved from returning to the streets of Skid Row.

We hope you will please take a minute to check out this video of highlights from the event, and to hear from one of our loyal volunteers, NCIS’ Pauley Perette!

4 thoughts on “You Saved Hope Gardens!

  1. Glad to see that so many people saw the value of your efforts and helped out.

    —NCISfanatic dot com

  2. sarahsrr on

    Thats great that what sounds like a wonderful place was saved.

  3. Shirley on

    I am glad this is happening I have the honor to said I was one of this ladies and I went through a lot I am thankful with You Andy with Ms Jessica Dr. Medina and interns Kitchen Stuff, Landscaping, John Garcia and workers you guys show me the light of that huge hole I had in my life I am in my apartment now thank to you and my hair is freeze while I am watching the beautiful Power of God I love this place I love you guys…. God Bless you always

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