Stubbs BBQ “Feeds the World”

Last week, we were honored and delighted to have Stubb’s BBQ out of Austin Texas provide all of our guests with a tasty southern BBQ lunch!

The restaurant, which also sells its delicious BBQ sauces and marinades in grocery stores nationwide, went on tour across the country, partnering with homeless organizations to serve up authentic Texas BBQ and Stubb’s sauces.

Stubb, the founder, enjoyed telling people he was a just a cook, but he was also much more than that; he was a lover of people and loved making them happy with his barbeque and sauces.  That is why the company decided to give back by starting their “Feed the World” tour, which travelled the country from April 2010 – November 2010.

Our guests were definitely grateful for the amazing home-cooked meal. Thanks so much to Stubb’s for including us in your generous tour!

3 thoughts on “Stubbs BBQ “Feeds the World”

  1. It was our absolute pleasure. We’re honored to know you, and proud to be able to help a little in the great work you do.

  2. Devi D on

    What a Great Article Myles!

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