Glendale Shelter Stories: Meet Steven

Steven has been coming to the Glendale winter shelter for about a month. Originally from Oklahoma, he moved to Los Angeles in November to pursue his dream of acting.

Getting infected with staff infection while at downtown shelters, he moved to Glendale to try and find a new place to call home. Steven  has been dealing with drug addiction since he was only sixteen, when his parents got divorced.  He knows that his struggle with drug addiction has played a part in why he is now experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, Steven is soon to be enrolled in a program, and the shelter is providing him meals and a roof in the meantime.

“Acting is where my heart is, and if I need to be homeless to find it, I am going to push through my troubles.” Steven is grateful to be given the provision of the winter shelter, knowing he would have little alternative otherwise.

Many more people like Steven have stories to share of their changed lives and perspectives as a result of the Glendale shelter. Check back tomorrow to hear of another guest finding their way home through the provision of the winter shelters.

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