URGENT: Administrative Volunteer

We are looking for someone to come in at least once a week to help us out with some filing and administrative work in our Human Resources department. If you would be willing to give up a few hours of your time (or more!) to help us we would greatly appreciate it!

If you are available and interested to help with administrative volunteering jobs, please contact Andy Olivas at aolivas@urm.org or 213-673-8414

One thought on “URGENT: Administrative Volunteer

  1. steven proctor on

    My name is steven I am a graduate of the Christian Discipleship Program, I continue to recover from a double transplant (liver and kidney) URM played a key in being able to receive the transplant that saved my life. I am forever in debt.
    I would like to give back, but don’t really know what and how. The Mission allowed me to begin to develop as a christian man, be responsible, get and stay clean, and find my way home.

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