Volunteer for Kids Freestyle – Gym Activities

Monday-Friday, from 5-6pm you can come connect with our kids in the gym! Right now we have nearly 100 kids living at Union Rescue Mission. Get to know them over basketball, jumping rope or a game of freeze tag.

You can come individually or bring a group. If you are interested in offering something more ‘organized’ than just free time in the gym such as a basketball tournament, or an “Olympics Day”, give us a call – we would love to work with you in setting up something fun for our kids!

2 thoughts on “Volunteer for Kids Freestyle – Gym Activities

  1. Ted Chen on


    I have a group of Jr. High kids from church would like to participate in this. If we organize a tournament do we need to form a team also to play in it?

    How old are the children currently in the gym? Do we allow to serve food and drinks such as hot dogs? We could also provide trophies and prizes. Please advise.



    • josiah on

      Hi Ted,

      Please contact our volunteer department at volunteer@urm.org and they will be able to answer all these questions. Thanks for your interest in coming down to help!

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