It’s August 30th and we need your help.

Dear Friends,

The number of children coming to URM for shelter and services has increased 55% over last year.  This alarming trend makes the battle we are fighting to remain sustainable in these incredibly challenging times all the more difficult and…all the more important.

Weekly occupancy reports do not do justice to needs we are seeing every day.  For example, I made dinner for all of the moms and kids at Hope Gardens last week.  The campus is bursting with 70 moms and senior ladies and 100 children.  I was so thankful for the provision of Hope Gardens Family Center as we served these precious families in two shifts!  The next day, I greeted yet 1 more mom with her 12 year old son at URM bringing the total number of children downtown to 88.  That’s a total of 188 precious children currently depending on us for help!


Please stand with us, pray with us and support us during this

challenging time of great need by families and children!

Giving for July and August is almost 50% less than we budgeted.  This combined with, as of today, not being reimbursed by FEMA, $308,000, for providing last year’s Winter Shelters, has put us in a tenuous position for the next 45 days, when normal Fall giving should hopefully provide some much needed relief!

Could you find it in your heart,  despite these trying times, to give an early, generous gift to URM, to bridge the summer gap and keep this life-saving work going?

Thank you and God bless you.


Rev. Andy Bales

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