Stories from Skid Row: Paul

Stories from Skid Row: Paul

Paul compares his old life to that of Saul from the Old Testament — but his new life is one of total transformation. Once he was in prison, but now he’s helping serve meals at Union Rescue Mission. He was estranged from his family but now has the peace of forgiveness, received from his mother on her deathbed. Thank you for transforming lives like Paul’s with your giving!

Stories from Skid Row – Peter

Stories from Skid Row: Peter

Peter grew up without a father and struggled in school. But today he’s the father of two girls and the Youth Coordinator at Union Rescue Mission. He came here for a job but found personal transformation as he began to work with children experiencing homelessness…

Your generosity gives precious children a safe place. And with over 350 children living on the streets of Los Angeles, the need has never been greater. I hope you’ll give now and DOUBLE your impact — through a $500,000 Matching Challenge. Your gift will be matched to help even more children escape a life on Skid Row. Please share this opportunity by clicking an option below!

Stories from Skid Row – Sebastian

Stories from Skid Row: Sebastian

Homelessness is devastating for kids. When little Sebastian’s mother struggled, he ended up in foster care. Before reuniting with his mom at Union Rescue Mission’s Hope Gardens Family Center, he started acting out at school. His anger grew and his grades suffered.

Thanks to friends like you, Sebastian is getting the medical attention and loving care he needs at Hope Gardens Family Center. Every child suffering in homelessness in Los Angeles deserves that kind of care.

Stories from Skid Row – Ronald

Stories from Skid Row: Ronald

Many of the women and men who come to Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles have lost all hope that life will ever be different. They’ve burned every bridge to friends and family who could help them. When Ronald came to URM, after spending 30 years struggling with drugs and alcohol, many thought he wouldn’t make it. Even HE didn’t think he’d make it.


Today, Ronald has totally turned his life around and he’s currently working with one of our chaplains, encouraging other struggling men on Skid Row and showing them that life really can be different.

Stories from Skid Row – Kimjoy

Stories from Skid Row: Kimjoy

Union Rescue Mission believes that everyone deserves a second chance. When Kimjoy left prison, she was 57, depressed, and had nowhere else to go. So she came to live in the seniors’ wing at Hope Gardens, where she started to rebuild her life.


Today, she’s a college graduate with a new career at Hope Gardens! Thanks to friends like you, struggling men and women in Los Angeles get the second chance they deserve — and truly find their way home.

Education breaks the cycle of homelessness

Alex had nothing when he came to URM, but today…

Fifteen years after arriving at Union Rescue Mission as a guest, Alex is still here… as our Manager of Development.  It took a lot of hard work and dedication for Alex to get where he is today, but he didn’t do it alone.

The Learning Center, available to all men and women in our programs, made all the difference in the world. “Once you get thinking again, your creativity opens up,” Alex says. “You feel really encouraged.”

Encouragement comes from our wonderful Learning Center staff and volunteers. They connect personally with each resident, providing Individual Learning Plans to help them meet their own unique educational goals.

As you know, we face an unprecedented number of people seeking refuge at URM. One of the most important ways to ensure that these precious men, women and children break the cycle of homelessness is through education.

Your online gift today will continue to provide important emergency care. It’s also an investment in the lives of men and women loved by God.

We’re proud to make the Learning Center available to our guests. With your generous support, all of our guests can continue to enjoy the same opportunities as Alex and find their calling in the community.