URM Receives Mental Health Grant From Cedars-Sinai

Union Rescue Mission is among 24 organizations recently awarded grants from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to support programs providing direct, community-based mental health services.

The $75,000 grant from Cedars-Sinai, part of a new $1.6 million contribution from the medical center to help existing community organizations expand the number of people they serve in their mental-health programs, will pay for direct mental health counseling for single moms and children experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County.

CEO, Rev. Andy Bales said “Many precious people experiencing homelessness also experience mental health issues. We’re very thankful for this support from Cedars-Sinai”.

The $1.6 million Community Mental Health Grant Program is part of Cedars-Sinai’s overall community benefit contribution, which last year provided more than $600 million toward free and part-pay hospital care to the uninsured and those with limited means; the unpaid costs of caring for Medi-Cal and Medicare patients; research and education; and hundreds of community programs in local schools, homeless shelters and community centers.

Faithful partnership and support like this changes lives.  A big thanks to Cedars-Sinai for giving so generously!

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