Volunteers Needed: Special Kitchen Projects

We are currently in need of volunteers (up to 20 per shift) to help us with some projects in our kitchen. During the times listed below, we need volunteers who are able to help us pull everything out of our kitchen or bring it back in. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Erin at ehennings@urm.org. If you have a group who is interested in serving in the kitchen and would be willing to stay later or arrive earlier please let us know as well.

September 3 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
September 4 (load in) 5am-6am
September 17 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
September 18 (load in) 5am-6am
October 1 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
October 2 (load in) 5am-6am
October 15 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
October 16 (load in) 5am-6am
November 1 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
November 2 (load in) 5am-6am
November 15 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
November 16 (load in) 5am-6am
December 3 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
December 4 (load in) 5am-6am
December 17 (load out) 2:30pm-4pm
December 18 (load in) 5am-6am

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