Giving 105 Percent

I spoke to a church yesterday about our work here at Union Rescue Mission and I have to admit just how thankful I order generic viagra was to be alive and representing URM and Hope Gardens.  After a year in which I had a heart attack, a quadruple bypass surgery, and kidney failure, I am thankful to be strong enough to continue in my job as CEO and to energetically get up and speak about our involvement in transforming the lives of our precious guests.

This may sound odd, but when I was battling for my life for several months, especially the entire month of July, my wife will attest to the fact that what I was most concerned about was not my life, but being able to return to this work and the people that I love so much.  I know it does not make sense.  You can’t return to work if you’re not alive and well!

However, this work and these precious people are what drove me to persevere, listen to doctors, follow a strict diet, work through cardiac rehab, step into dialysis, all in an effort to gain the strength to carry on in this ministry.

In this Christmas season, I am most thankful for the strength to carry on.  I am so thankful it is difficult to put into words.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

I am definitely strong, however, I am concerned as well about having enough resources to carry on in this ministry.  Our URM Board of Directors has mandated that we raise 105% of the budgeted revenues by January 1st, in order to open a newly renovated 16 unit building at Hope Gardens and before hiring a jobs assessor and a job developer to serve URM graduates.  The board of directors wants to be certain that we can sustain this ministry. The 16 unit building will serve at least 12 more moms with 30 precious children, rescuing them from homelessness and Skid Row.  The jobs assessor and developer will pave the way for our graduates to escape homelessness in the best way I know, a life transformed followed by a job, and then a home.

In order to reach 105% of our revenues by January 1st, 2013, we need to raise $4.5 Million in December.  That may seem impossible, however, in December of 2005, we raised nearly $5 Million!  We need not only some miraculous large gifts, but we need many of our friends to give what they can, and it will all add up to enough and will change lives!  Please, in this Christmas season, consider giving all you can to transform the lives of our women, children, and graduates.  Your gift could make all of the difference in the world for someone.

Thank you,

Your co-worker in Christ,

Rev. Andy Bales, CEO

2 thoughts on “Giving 105 Percent

  1. steve culp on

    Andy I watched the video you sent yesterday and I am praying for you and your ministry. I will prayerfully consider making a gift. It has been a tough year for cash flow but God does provide. My cash needs are great right now but I know God knows that and He is in control and will provide. Steve

  2. steve culp on

    Andy I watched the video you sent me on Sunday and I am praying for you and your ministry. I will prayerfully consider if God wants us to make a donation. This year our cash flow has been an issue but God still finds a way to meet our needs. If we are able to give it will not be a big gift but I understand you need little gifts as well. I do know we can keep praying for you and the ministry God is doing through you. Steve

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