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Father and Son: An Easter Story

For me, Easter is all about love — God the Father’s love for His only Son. When Jesus died on that cross, it must have hurt God real bad.

I know that kind of hurt. I lost my only son to a car accident four years ago. His death sent me right back to drinking, because the only way I knew how to cope with loneliness and loss was to drink the pain away.

I had already experienced a lot of loss in my life. My own father died when I was 11, and after that, my whole family struggled to make ends meet.

Later I got married and had my son. But my first marriage didn’t last. Neither did my second one. That’s when I really started drinking — and it bit me like a snake.

Alcohol became my life, and when I drank I got loud and ugly.

I lost my job as a bus driver due to two DUIs. Unable to work, I drank even more. I became a loner. No one wanted me around anyway — no one except my son. No matter how low I sank, my son would always be there to encourage me to give life another chance.

Five years ago, it worked. His love got me sober again. Until Super Bowl Sunday, 2009. When I learned my son had died, I ended up living on the streets and drank every day. I felt abandoned by my father, by my wives, by my son, and even by God.

One day in May 2010, I came to Union Rescue Mission to get cleaned up for awhile. But something happened. I heard that God still loved me, so I started reading the Bible. And it was like God was talking to me — to me! Then I started opening up to my chaplains and some of the other guys who were trying to get their lives together. We became more than friends, we became brothers. We knew we were all in this together. So we pulled together, helping one another. Loving one another.

As love crept back into my life, I started loving myself, as well. I haven’t had a drink in almost two years.

On that first Easter Sunday, God loved His Son so much, He raised Jesus back to life. I can’t do that for my son, but I know one day I’ll see him again. I know that’s true because God raised me from the dead and gave me eternal life, too. I’ve been resurrected and I am a new man.

URM’s Easter Restoration CampaignEaster Resotration

For just $56 a day, Union Rescue Mission can provide meals, shelter, and long-term recovery services that change lives. This Easter, join our online Renew, Restore, Rejoice! Campaign and set a goal to sponsor a day, a few days, or even a week.

You can be part of changing a life forever!

1. Create your personal fundraising page and set a goal for how much you want to raise.

2. Share with friends and family to encourage them to donate.

3. Feel good, knowing you are giving people hope and help for a brighter future!


New Life Today…and for Eternity

Every year, I love spending Thanksgiving and Christmas at Union Rescue Mission. But the truth is, this would still be a special place if we stopped celebrating those holidays. There is one holiday, however, we cannot cease to celebrate: Easter. It’s simple. Without Easter, there would be no Union Rescue Mission.

When Jesus died, then emerged from His tomb that first Easter, He gave everyone the chance for new life today . . . and for eternity. No matter how badly a man has broken his life, or life has forsaken a young mother, or society has turned its back on an innocent child — God has written them all on the palm of His hand. He gives us all new life, new hope, and a second chance.

That promise of new life is the foundation of everything Union Rescue Mission does. It is the power, the hope, and the reason for all we do on behalf of hurting people. That means every investment you make in our Mission is an investment in God’s resurrecting power. Thanks to you, lives are more than transformed, they are healed and raised to new life. Because He is risen!



Rev. Andy Bales


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  1. Connie Crum on

    thankful for the hope and transformation available through Jesus provided at URM. The staff at URM rocks!

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