2017 Rose Parade

2017 Rose Parade

The Mission - December 2016 13This year Union Rescue Mission is honored to announce they have been selected to participate in the prestigious Tournament of Roses Parade 2017! To commemorate 125 years of service to people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, we honor how it all began by riding in a Gospel Wagon with vintage costumes from the year 1891.

Union Rescue Mission preached the word and served meals from a Gospel Wagon, much like the one we will be riding in during the Parade.  Founded by Lyman Stewart the wagon ministered to destitute unemployed men outside saloons as they drank away their sorrows. The wagon offered clothing and food, but most importantly HOPE. It is said that the men who sadly slipped back into drinking had “Fallen off the wagon” coining the phrase that is still used today.

Riding the wagon will be Union Rescue Mission CEO Andy Bales,  his wife Bonnie, Chairman of the Board David Dow, Board member Richard Newcomb, VP of Programs/Operations Steve Borja, VP of Public Relations Kitty Davis Walker, URM Historian Liz Mooradion, Public Relations team member Alexandra Monsibaez,  as well as Kimberly and Robert Brandt a Union Rescue Mission love story!

2016 Rose ParadeThe Love Story

A modern day tale of a life filled with years of falling off the wagon, saved by the love of a frustrated but devoted wife would make for an incredible Hollywood movie. This real life love story is that of Kimberly and Robert.  Kimberly had reached her breaking point with Robert’s drinking, but she never stopped caring for her husband. One night Kimberly a “born again” Christian heard Rev. Andy Bales on the radio program “Amazing Stories from Skidrow” she knew what she had to do. She brought Robert to get help at Union Rescue Mission and much like the lost souls back in 1891 who found HOPE on the Gospel Wagon he too found HOPE and a life transformed.  Robert who has been sober for over 2 years, the first time in over 50 years is taking one day at a time and their love grows even stronger each day.  Kimberly says “She can see the miracle taking place in Bob.  He is a changed man. He loves the Lord and everyday he’s getting healthier.”

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