LA Dodgers’ Andre Ethier Volunteers at URM!

On Friday, July 24th, Andre Ethier joined CEO Andy Bales in cooking hot dogs for the men, women and children of URM.

Andre-Andy BBQ

He barbequed hot dogs on the sidewalk in front of the Mission on San Pedro St.

Andre & Family

Dodgers’ sponsor, Farmer John, donated hot dogs that Ethier helped cooked and serve.

Andre-Food Serving (1)

After grilling, he helped served lunch in the dining room to over 400 men, women and children.

Andre-Food Serving (2)

He gave out Dodgers hats and often stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with the guests.


What a fun Friday lunch for the community at URM!

Andre-autograph (2)

Thank you, Andre and Farmer John for your time, generosity, and support.

2 thoughts on “LA Dodgers’ Andre Ethier Volunteers at URM!

  1. Congrats Andy on getting Andre to cook the dogs…that must have been quite a blessing for everyone. I like Andre, and consider him one of my favorite Dodgers, and this is a plus in my feelings for him.

    URM is doing a lot of great things for the men, women and children on Skid Row, and you are the catalyst through which great works are coming. You and your staff remain in our prayers.

    Paul and Shelly Zimmer

  2. Pamela Bernard on

    Thank you for the for the wonderful day watching a very special man and Dodger share his time and love with all the URM on July 24. It was such a beautiful gift and blessing for all to feel so special. It is such an honor and gift to volunteer, learn and grow with each of you each new day. Thank you. God Bless All of You

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