Wells Fargo Brings “Acts of Kindness” To Skid Row!


Over 100 Wells Fargo employees, friends, and family member teamed up with Union Rescue Mission last Saturday, October 24th, for the Wells Fargo “Acts of Kindness” event.  The volunteers engaged in what we do here at URM in a variety of ways- from serving ice cream in the guest Chapel, going on water walks, distributing sack lunches and Gatorade, and even singing karaoke and double-dutch jump roping with the kids.  The event was a huge success for both volunteers and recipients of the acts of kindness.


The event began at 9:00am with a brief program hosted by former LA Lakers star, AC Green.  The goal of the Wells Fargo “Acts of Kindness”  Day was to assist in supporting programs that directly benefit and empower working poor men, women and families experiencing homelessness- and it did just that.


This event was a great reminder of how important it is for us as a community to join together to help others – what we do together is larger than any of us as individuals. Andy Bales, URM CEO, states, “Generous individuals from amazing corporations like Wells Fargo engaging on the streets with people who are homeless will play a vital role in moving toward the day when not one person is left on the streets of Skid Row.”



Thanks to the Wells Fargo Volunteers for all your help and support!!


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