Men’s Program Celebrates Graduation

“The King has one more move – God has plans for you!”

This was the message that our Men’s Christian Life Discipleship Program graduates were encouraged by as they celebrated graduation on Sunday, November 1st.  Albert Tate, Intergenerational Pastor of Lake Avenue Church, spoke to 30 graduates and a full Chapel (it was standing room only!).  He spoke about David, who was considered small and unimportant to most, but not to God.  God had a plan for his life, just like he has a plan for each and every one of us. 


He also told a story about two friends visiting a museum, one a teacher and the other a professional chess player.  They encountered a painting of a chess board and a few chess pieces, titled “Check Mate”, which the teacher was rather uninterested in.  He went about the museum, looking at the other pieces until finally it was nearly closing time.  He went back to his friend, and found him still studying the chess painting.  “This picture is wrong, ” he said, “It is not checkmate. The King still has another move. The game is not over- the King has another move!!”  His powerful message reminded us that God has a plan for our lives – the enemy has not won, because the King still has one more move.  

The program included musical performances by Rick Austin, and short speeches from Rev.  Andy Bales, Chief Programs Officer Rev. Steve Borja, and Messengers Group Chaplain Rev. Rodney Tanaka.   Anthony Armstrong, Rickie Furnal, Donald Jelks, and Raymond Peters, of the graduating class, also shared with the group some of their personal testimonies and words of appreciation.  Afterwards, there was a delicious meal served in the dining room.  Graduates and guests enjoyed roast beef,  mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and salad, and of course cake and ice cream!  All in all, it was a great time of celebration and encouragement as these men enter a new phase in their lives!


Thank you to everyone who made this celebration a success, and congratulations to the new graduates!

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