What is Hope Gardens?

The internet has been buzzing and we’ve had a lot of requests asking what, exactly, is Hope Gardens? So we wanted to give you a little more insight into what Hope Gardens is, and what it means to many mothers, children, and senior ladies.

Hope Gardens opened in 2007 on 77 acres adjacent to the Angeles National Forest. Hope Gardens Family Center is a transitional living and permanent supportive housing facility where about 120 women and children find sanctuary from the dangerous streets of Skid Row. Through the Mission’s comprehensive program, families progress from homelessness to independent living.

Senior ladies enjoy the comforts of Hope Garden’s “Sequoia Lodge”. This beautiful and safe environment is a far cry from the dangers they encountered on the streets of Skid Row. Children are able to play in safety – riding their bikes, enjoying the playground, or playing a pick-up game of basketball. Mothers can rest assured that their children are in a safe and loving environment, worlds away from the drug dealers and criminals on the streets. Classes are also offered to help moms learn life skills, such as financial skills, coping skills, and parenting classes. Many women are able to take their GED’s, continue their education, and pursue dreams and careers they never thought possible!

All in all, Hope Gardens is a place of peace and safety, where women and children can find refuge to pick up the pieces of their lives and start over. We hope you will take the time to watch the videos below to meet some of the amazing women who were able to turn their lives around while staying at Hope Gardens Family Center.


Kasha was able to re-start her life at Hope Gardens and become the woman and mother she had always strived to be.

Shannon was able to find solace at Hope Gardens while her family was going through a difficult time.


2 thoughts on “What is Hope Gardens?

  1. I was inspired by the staff and supporters of Union Rescue Mission who pulled together and raised the money necessary to keep Hope Gardens open.

    I look forward to an increased level of involvement with URM and the staff. I look forward to the next “hopeless project” as I have learned that simple logic cannot explain how this huge problem was resolved with five days to spare. Faith, love, hope and the tireless efforts of so many wonderful people cannot be explained by simple science or logic alone. I suppose I could say I am impressed beyond words but that would be an understatement.

    Myles S. Rose

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