9/11 Day of Service Held Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, September 11, 2010, we are expecting about 150 volunteers from all over Southern California to join us in service projects to help people living on Skid Row.

The event is our 1st ever “You Are the Mission” Service Day, and we are very excited to join with volunteers to serve our guests here at URM and our neighbors on Skid Row in projects such as Foot Washings, a Splash Zone and Carnival Treat Booth, Wall Cleanings, Mural Paintings, Street Washings, and Photo Booths!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how the event is going. You can follow find us on Facebook, and follow our URM Twitter or CEO Andy Bales for up to the minute updates and pictures from the day!

One thought on “9/11 Day of Service Held Tomorrow!

  1. Brenda Ramirez on

    I want to take part tomorrow in day of service. Do you take last minute volunteers? I live pretty close by the area.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Brenda Ramirez

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