Glendale Shelter Stories: Meet Al

This is Al’s first year as a guest to the Glendale winter shelter. “I spent a year sleeping on the ground before this place,” he says as he expresses the joys of having a bed to call his own.

Al speaks of his family, being one of many children to a once wealthy family in Pasadena. He tells of the misfortune that came upon his family and how it affected his own life. The downturn with his family caused him to lose all sense of self-worth. However, the shelter has caused him to start believing in himself again, wanting to improve himself and his life.

“I really appreciate this place,” he says, “Thank you for letting a person of my caliber come into such a wonderful place like this.”

Many more people like Al have stories to share of their changed lives and perspectives as a result of the Glendale shelter. Check back tomorrow to hear of another guest finding their way home through the provision of the winter shelters.

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