Glendale Shelter Stories: Meet Karolyn

Karolyn and her husband come nightly to the Glendale winter shelter from Pasadena. This is her first year as a guest to the shelter, but she said this quickly became her home.

“To me the Glendale armory is a place I can truly say is a home away from home,” she speaks. She praises the supervisors and the overall feel of the shelter saying, “it is peaceful, quiet, and clean.”

She and her husband are praying to God, as they both know that after the shelter closes they have no other place to live. “I appreciate this place and I am so blessed to be here, I will really miss it when it closes.”

Many more people like Karolyn have stories to share of their changed lives and perspectives as a result of the Glendale shelter. Check back tomorrow to hear of another guest finding their way home through the provision of the winter shelters.

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