Life Skills for Teens Held Every Monday

Many of the valuable life lessons needed to survive in the world are learned outside of a traditional classroom. There are key components in addition to school such as developing dreams and goals, becoming well-rounded individuals, and learning from all different walks of life and professions that can make a person more successful. This is exactly what Christopher Kai had in mind when he began his weekly “Life Skills” class for teens at URM in September 2010.

Each Monday night, Chris brings in guest speakers in addition to teaching his own classes – they have ranged from an entrepreneur, a singer, a child psychologist, a security expert, a graphic designer, a special ED teacher, a college admissions counselor, an NFL football player, a fashion designer, an LA Times writer and more. 

He aims to actively engage the small group in learning, whether it is having them pretend to be blind or stand up straight when they are practicing public speaking.  

The goal is that by the end of the class, students have learned something about the schooling, career choice, and overall perspective on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of each speaker. He volunteers to hold this class for an hour each week in the hopes that students going through a hard time with struggles now will realize that those struggles can be used in a positive way for their future successes.

Christopher Kai is an author of a self-published college-success guide as well as a speaker and professional songwriter.

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