URM vs. Project 180 Basketball Game

Last year the URM Men’s Basketball team won the Skid Row Basketball Championships. They are now facing a new year, as defending champions, and competing against seven other teams in the league.

Every Thursday night, the league’s games take place in the URM gymnasium.

Thursday, April 16th the gym filled with an audience as URM took on Project 180 in one of the closest games played this year. The two teams were neck and neck all night, as Project 180 rarely let URM keep much of a lead on them.

With 15 seconds at the end of the second half, URM was down 55-57. Unable to make another shot, the game ended with Project 180 as the winner.

Player David Jackson was the URM high scorer for the game, with fifteen rebounds and scoring eighteen points for the team.

Although our men played hard, the loss was still disappointing to the team. However, our URM players are looking forward to playing next week and continue working to repeat their championship title again this season.

Coach Carl Williams calls a time out late in the second half to encourage the team to fight till the end.

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