250 UCLA Students Volunteer at URM

It was a sea of blue and yellow yesterday as volunteers from UCLA came to URM to serve all over the building! As part of the “Volunteer Day” for incoming students, over 7,000 freshman and new transfer students take part in various volunteer projects all over the LA area.

We were blessed with 250 of these hard-working students who were divided up into groups to tackle all areas of our building. They scrubbed our walls and stairwells, washed our windows, and played with children on the roof. Some helped out in the kitchen, preparing the meal and serving our guests.

The volunteers did a phenomenal job, and really helped us out. Staff and guests have been letting us know how grateful they are for the help, and how much better the building looks!

Thank you, UCLA volunteers! We are always glad to have you come down, and are already looking forward to next year!

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