USC Fraternity Alpha Gamma Omega – Making a Difference

Last Friday, November 18, 2011, Bradley Biggs along with University of Southern California fraternity Alpha Gamma Omega, held a unique event to raise funds for URM.  This creative approach proved to be a success at helping those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.  An over sized foursquare tournament was the name of the game that brought in a generous sum to URM.

A USC parking lot was transformed into a foursquare battlefield, beckoning the bold and courageous to face the over sized squares.  Competitors were members of sororities who were invited to participate in the event for a fee, which was donated to URM.  Through long, grueling foursquare battles, Delta Gamma proved to be the champions at the end of the day.  Congratulations Delta Gamma!!

A huge thank you goes out to Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity, Bradley Biggs, and all the participating Sororities for partnering with Union Rescue Mission to help end homelessness in Los Angeles.

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