Helen helps URM Celebrate Easter

Helen is an 11 year old girl in elementary school.  With some help from her mom, Helen was able to get a $40 gift card from target and a $50 gift card from Trader Joes donated.  Over their spring break, Helen and her friend Sara, spent a day putting together some Easter baskets to bless the guests at URM.  Yesterday morning they delivered 53 baskets full of Easter love!

Helen and Sara easter baskets

URM is all about transformation, and that is what Easter is all about as well – the transforming power of Christ.  Every friend of URM, every gift to URM, and each and every one of those 53 baskets represents that heart of transformation – the desire to make something better; to restore it.  Friends like you, like Helen and Sara, keep this place going.  You are the reason people are transformed here.  Happy Easter!

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