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As you may have heard, I’ve had a difficult year health-wise. On June 29th, I had a second heart attack which led to heart failure. The doctors and nurses at Glendale Adventist Hospital saved my life with quadruple bypass surgery on July 5th. The bypass led to complete kidney failure, 4 and 1/2 months of dialysis, and two weeks ago I received a life saving kidney transplant – my wife was the life providing donor.

The good news is, I am feeling like a brand new man! I’m walking 3.2 miles around the Rose Bowl every day. I am two pounds below my high school wrestling weight! As I’ve gone through this complete restoration, transformation, almost resurrection, I’ve realized I am much like the men and women who come into Union Rescue Mission. Often, instead of just needing physical restoration like me, they are in need of complete restoration, body, soul and mind.

On Sunday, we will celebrate 25 men, who will graduate from this transforming, restorative program. I’ll watch as men, who previously slept on the sidewalks, addicted to crack cocaine, heroin, or meth for up to 7 years. step on the URM stage sober, confident and full of Hope for the future-new men!These men have been on quite the journey.  a journey in which they have become Renewed, Restored, and can now REJOICE!

I am writing this because I want to tell you about our Easter Restoration campaign.  As we focus on the death and resurrection of Christ this Easter, we want to remember that it is the power of His resurrection that transforms and restores lives here at Union Rescue Mission.  It is so important that you join us in our Easter Restoration campaign.  It costs $56 a day to sponsor someone who has entered our year long recovery program.  We can’t do this without you.

We would like to invite you to start your very own fundraising page and help us kick off our Easter Restoration Campaign.  It is simple.  Click on this Easter Restoration Link and set up your own fundraising page.  Invite your friends and family to join you in this restoration campaign.  Join us as we Renew. Restore. Rejoice!

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Rev. Andy Bales


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