2016 Christmas Store Press Release

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release


Kitty Davis-Walker, VP of Public Relations

(213) 673-4585 or (213) 507-5562  kwalker@urm.org


Alexandra Monsibaez, PR Coordinator

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Thursday December 15th

Families in Need Invited to Shop for FREE”


LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA (December, 2016) —- Hundreds of children will receive Christmas gifts this year after their parents shop at Union Rescue Missions 25th Annual Christmas Store this Thursday  December 15th from 9:00am -4:30pm at URM Headquarters at 545 S. San Pedro in downtown Los Angeles.


Union Rescue Mission’s CEO Andy Bales says “Christmas Store at URM is unique as it allows the parents and families experiencing homelessness the dignity and joy of shopping and choosing gifts for their own children at no cost to the families, and it fills the halls of Union Rescue Mission and Hope gardens with the biggest smiles ever”


Families on Skidrow as well as our offsite facility for mothers and children, Hope Gardens Family Center will be invited to Shop free of charge.   Hundreds of families will experience the joy of Christmas shopping that otherwise might not have been possible.

Moms and Dads are each greeted by a volunteer who will assist them on their quest to find the perfect gift for each of their kids. All gifts are then wrapped by expert gift wrapping volunteers so that all gifts remain a surprise until Christmas morning!


Christmas Store is made possible through the generosity of donors like Rays of Light Philanthropic, Tina Corte & friends, LA City Attorneys Office, RBD communications, Shelter Partnership, and many more private donors and partnering corporations.


Media Photo Opportunities: 


Moms & Dads Shopping for their kids………………………… 9:00am-4:30pm


About Union Rescue Mission

Union Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving people experiencing homelessness. Established in 1891, URM is the largest rescue missions of its kind in the United States and is the oldest in Los Angeles.  It provides a comprehensive array of emergency and long-term services, including food, shelter, clothing; medical and dental care; Christian recovery programs, transitional housing, legal assistance, education, counseling, and job training to needy men, women, children and families.  For more information, please visit www.urm.org.


About URM’s Hope Gardens Family Center

Nestled in the foothills of the Angeles national forest, HGFC offers a peaceful setting and transitional living to moms, children, a number of single women and permanent supportive housing to senior women.  In addition to food and shelter, HGFC offers the real help women need to escape homelessness forever, long-term rehabilitation programs, job training, counseling, training and encouragement.



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Christmas Treat for the pets of Skid Row!

Last weekend, the pets of Skid Row received a Christmas treat! Hollywood Grooming, a mobile pet grooming company, came to URM to brighten the day of Skid Row residents – and their pets! Offering grooming services to dogs and cats, Hollywood Grooming brought smiles to the faces of pets and their owners as they helped them out with something they might not otherwise be able to afford. They also partnered with Pet Express to provide free leashes, collars, food and treats!









Nearly 40 dogs and cats were beautified during the event! Pets are a part of many people’s lives, including people who are experiencing homelessness. We are so thankful to Hollywood Grooming for recognizing this, and coming to Skid Row to bless so many people!

The Mission – November 2014

URM 2014.11 November Newsletter (14URM11NL)_Pkg_FA.indd

Every child loves to open presents at Christmas. Grace is no different. Yet she also knows it’s about much more than that.

“Christmas is a time to give to people who are in need,” she says with a wisdom far beyond her 13 years. “This year I plan to volunteer at Union Rescue Mission’s Christmas Store, just like I did last year.”

Grace, along with her mother, Sam, and two brothers, Adam and Daniel, know all about the Christmas Store. In 2011, they were guests at Union Rescue Mission after they escaped an abusive home and ended up losing almost everything. Before coming to the Mission, Grace and her family spent six weeks living in her family’s Ford Contour in Long Beach.

“I was scared,” Grace recalls. “But as long as we didn’t have to sleep outside, I was OK with it. The hardest part was having people see us sleeping in a car instead of our own home. I was embarrassed.”

When Grace and her family came to Union Rescue Mission in September 2011, she didn’t want anyone to know where she lived.

But she recalls the staff at Union Rescue Mission worked hard to make all the kids at the Mission feel special — especially at Christmas.

“They had Christmas parties and other events,” Grace says. “We got to pick a Build-A-Bear and decorate it. There were crafts, games, and Christmas carols. We even watched the movie Snowmen. My brothers and I were actually excited throughout the whole Christmas season.”

As Christmas approached, Grace’s mom, Sam, warned the kids there was no money to buy presents. But then Sam discovered the Christmas Store, where parents throughout Skid Row are able to shop for presents for toys and other items to give their kids for free. Grace and her brothers experienced the joy of opening presents after all.

“Union Rescue Mission did a lot to help me and my family,” Grace says. “Now that we have our own home again, I think it’s important to go back and volunteer at the Mission. We try to go back twice a week to inspire and encourage the other kids there. We made it, and we tell them they can, too.”

URM 2014.11 November Newsletter (14URM11NL)_Pkg_FA.indd

A Mom’s Christmas Blessing

Grace’s mother, Sam, recounts her family’s journey through homelessness and their first Christmas at Union Rescue Mission

As Christmas approached in 2011, I was tired and depressed. I was a highly capable single mother with three kids. I’d always had good jobs, so I knew how to make money. But that Christmas, my children and I were experiencing homelessness at Union Rescue Mission.

How could this happen? I’d experienced emotional and physical abuse all my life — first at the hands of a sadistic aunt, then from my own parents, followed by a five-year marriage to a man who beat me to a pulp.

I thought I’d escaped all the abuse when I divorced my husband and left with the kids. But in 2010, I went back to live with my mother to help care for her after a serious car accident. She promised to pay me, so I quit my job.

But she never paid me and the abuse started all over again. She even laid hands on my kids. I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked other family members to take us in. No one did. With no more money, we had to live in my car for six weeks, until we moved to Union Rescue Mission in September 2011.

I cannot describe the peace I felt when we got there. For the first time, I could rest and not worry. Over the next several months, the Mission gave me my self-confidence back, I found a new job, and I started saving money to move out. But as Christmas approached, I had to tell the kids there would be no presents because we were still struggling financially.

That’s when I learned about Union Rescue Mission’s Christmas Store. They gave me the chance to shop for gifts for my kids at no charge. When I saw the joy in my kids’ faces on Christmas morning, what a blessing! I will always be thankful to Union Rescue Mission for that memory.

That taught me that Christmas really is all about family. I’d lost my own family, but now I’d found a brand-new one. Family is about more than blood — it’s about the people who go through life with you. And Union Rescue Mission did that for us. They will forever be my family.

URM 2014.11 November Newsletter (14URM11NL)_Pkg_FA.indd

The holiday season is an exciting and special time for most people, a season filled with gifts, good food, and time spent with loved ones. But for men, women, and children on Skid Row, Christmas is little more than a reminder of gifts they will never open, food they won’t eat, family they won’t see — hope they’ll never experience.

This Christmas, however, you can help men, women, and children at Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center regain that hope. This holiday season, please show them that someone really does care. Your generous gift of $25, $35, or more will help provide special holiday meals, clothing, and shelter — and, yes, hope — to hurting individuals and families. Please send the most generous gift you can today. Thank you!

For more information or to put your gift to work even faster, go to urm.org/ChristmasHope

URM 2014.11 November Newsletter (14URM11NL)_Pkg_FA.indd

Giving Kids Joy at Christmas

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult for families experiencing homelessness. But for more than 20 years, Union Rescue Mission’s Christmas Store has brought joy into their lives when they needed it most.

This year, hundreds of precious children at Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center will receive brand-new gifts because of the 23rd annual Christmas Store.

On December 11, moms and dads with little or no income will enjoy the dignity of personally selecting a gift for their children, having it wrapped that day and being able to give it as a gift on Christmas morning. All year-round, Union Rescue Mission embraces people experiencing homelessness with the compassion of Christ, and offers healing and hope to help them find their way home. And thanks to the Christmas Store — and generous friends like you hundreds of families will find that new hope this holiday season.

For information about donating toys to the Christmas Store this year, please contact Alexandra Monsibaez at (213) 673-4882.

URM 2014.11 November Newsletter (14URM11NL)_Pkg_FA.indd

Union Rescue Mission’s Gift Catalog

Union Rescue Mission’s Gift Catalog is a wonderful way to give someone experiencing homelessness the gift of hope this holiday. And when you purchase a gift on behalf of a loved one, you can also send them an e-card to let them know you’ve made this special gift in their honor. Please visit our online Gift Catalog today at urm.org/GiftCatalog

IMG_8350Because of You – Steven’s Story

I spent nearly 40 years of my life drinking, smoking crack, going in and out of prison, living on the streets, and eating out of dumpsters. I finally came to Union Rescue Mission in March 2011 and they helped me get clean and sober. But after I graduated, I found out I was dying from cirrhosis of the liver. In fact, on January 6, 2013, I was on life support. Doctors said it was over.

I was going to die.

But the very next morning, they found a liver donor — and suddenly I was given a second chance at life. Everything changed. I got married. I moved into a new house. I swim most days. I go to church every week. My life is beautiful and an absolute miracle, and I enjoy every minute of it, every day. Thank you for making it all possible.


SignUpPageThe season of Advent and the days leading up to Christmas are a wonderful time for thoughtful reflection and joyful anticipation as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. This holiday season, please sign up to receive Rev. Andy’s Advent series of daily devotional emails. Each day from November 20 until December 25, you’ll receive scripture and messages focused on the joy of the season. To sign up for these special email devotionals, please visit urm.org/AdventDevotionals



Notes From Andy

Giving Joy to Families at Christmas

There’s probably nothing tougher for a young mother, like Sam, than to spend Christmas with her children in a shelter instead of their own home. There’s probably no way to take that burden away entirely, but I’m grateful that, with your support, we can offer young families like hers the chance to experience a bit of joy throughout the Christmas season, including providing gifts for children through our annual Christmas Store.

But Christmas is such a family time. And so many people, including Sam and her children, have lost connections to their extended families at this special time of year. So I’m even more grateful we can become the “family” precious folks experiencing homelessness don’t have at Christmas — to sit around a tree singing carols, exchanging gifts, watching movies, and eating holiday meals together.

Family homelessness is increasing to epidemic proportions here in Los Angeles. According to the Department of Social Services, more than 11,000 families are experiencing homelessness right now in our City of Angels — and many of them are coming to Union Rescue Mission seeking help. Please remember these struggling young families this holiday season — and let’s work together to offer them a little bit of family and Christmas joy.



Christmas… in July!


Last Wednesday, Union Rescue Mission had over 20 tons of snow blanket our San Julian parking lot for our annual Christmas in July event. Children from URM and our Hope Gardens Family Center got to experience a winter wonderland set up by our friends at Subway. Many of our staff channelled their inner child to jump on in. Even our CEO, Andy Bales, got to join in on the fun, walking boot and all!

For many of the children, this would be the first time they would be able to see actual snow. The joy of being able to reach down and carefully palm the icy coldness into a ball and then watch it soar through the air is something you could never really explain in words or in pictures. It is meant to be experienced.

As is the feeling of getting one thrown right at you.

Rounding out the festivities were carnival games—basketball hoops, dunk tank, ball throw, and cotton candy and kettle corn booths operated by our awesome volunteers. Finally, we raffled off some great prizes with “Summer Santa” making an appearance!

We’d like to thank Subway for sponsoring this event and suppling all of the guests with a catered Subway Sandwich lunch!

Victory In The Midst Of Challenge

Dear Friends,

Earlier this month we began what will be a year long celebration of Union Rescue Mission’s 120th birthday!  You’ll hear more about our plans in the coming months but as 2011 comes to end, I thought you would appreciate this quote from our history library:

“At a time when bread was only a nickel a loaf, thousands of men, women and children went without. Union Rescue Mission was there for them. In 1910 we served 5,693 meals and helped 875 men find jobs”.

Some might read this and be discouraged.  After all, bread costs a lot more than a nickel and men, women and children are still going without.  But for me, this passage from our history is encouraging reminder of God’s affirmation of our work and His love for people experiencing homelessness.  He has faithfully sustained this ministry for 120 years through wonderful people like you.  I’m humbled and blessed to work alongside you.

Our work here is far from complete.  According to the latest counts, the number of precious people living on Skid Row has doubled since last year.   By years end, URM will have served over 1 million meals.  Thankfully, we have 120 years of victory in the midst of challenge under our belt. We will continue to embrace people experiencing homelessness with the compassion of Christ – giving hope and healing for a changed life – helping them find their way home.

Union Rescue Mission needs to raise $3.5 million by the end of the year to meet the needs of the men, women and children we currently serve; move forward with the expansion of our Women’s Life Transformation Program; and implement a robust Job Training, Job Development and Job Placement Program!

As you consider your final year-end contribution to Union Rescue Mission, I have some exciting news to share with you.  One of our faithful, generous friends has offered to match every gift we receive between now and December 31st up to $200,000.  This means any amount you share will go twice as far. Thank you in advance for giving generously.

May God bless you!

Rev. Andy Bales

2,260 Subway Sandwiches Served at URM!

Thanks to 100 volunteers from Subway restaurants, URM residents enjoyed delicious Subway sandwiches for lunch on Tuesday, December 22nd.

subway serving 2009 1

Subway restaurants have been great supporters of URM.  This year they also helped raise about $14,000 to help with our Christmas Store!

subway serving 2009 4 

Some of the leaders from Subway even joined us in our tradition of ‘ringing the bell’ to celebrate donations received; they have been strongly supporting Union Rescue Mission for 14 years! 

Thank you, Subway, for all you do- you are greatly appreciated!

subway serving 2009 3 

Disney Volunteers Deck the (Dining) Halls!

For the past two weeks, volunteers from various departments at Disney have given their time to helping out here at URM!  They have spent 8 days working very hard in our kitchen.  One of the kitchen staff said, “It’s really been great having them volunteering this week – they’ve helped out so much!”  Disney also spent a day decorating our Dining Hall, so it is now filled with Christmas spirit every time guests come in to eat!


In addition, they even sponsored and hosted a Christmas Party for the kids at URM!  It was a fun-filled event, with a carnival, music, treats and lots of dancing!


Thank you, Disney, for your continued support – we appreciate all you’ve done for us!

Merrill Lynch Day at the Union Rescue Mission

On Saturday, December 13th over 100 volunteers from the Greater Los Angeles Region of Merrill Lynch will spend the day serving meals at Union Rescue Mission. The day was originally slated for the company Holiday Party. Instead, Regional Managing Director Chandler Root cancelled the party and encouraged his entire team to spend the day serving those in need.

Employees and family members from each office in the region will be participating including Kelly Caves, Resident Director – Long Beach; Nadia Allaudin, Resident Director – Century City; and Richard Rozman, Resident Director – Manhattan Beach. In addition to sharing their time serving people who are homeless, the group will be bringing donations for Union Rescue Mission’s annual Christmas Store.