Honoring The Bread Winners, Porto’s Bakery

We honored Porto’s Bakery in Glendale today by presenting them with a plaque in appreciation for their long time support and commitment to helping serve those who are experiencing homelessness.

Rev. Andy Bales said “With the cost of food continuing to rise and donations steadily declining Porto’s donations have been an added life-line to the thousands of meals served daily at the Mission. It is an honor to honor Porto’s Bakery for providing bread and other wonderful treats for our guests”.

URM’s Associate Director of Eimago, Elizabeth Kelly said “It was awesome how much was donated to our Winter Shelters, and our guests truly looked forward to the delicious pastries with their early morning coffee”.

 URM’s head Chef Larry Wheeler said “The donations have helped us immensely and are served daily to our guests, there was one week when we were unable to pickup and the guests were all upset asking what had happened to the delicious pastries…the bread donations have helped us as well and helped our budget greatly, we make almost of all the sandwiches with bread donated by Porto’s.”

 Porto’s bakery located at 315 North Brand Boulevard in Glendale California has been faithfully donating between 250-400 boxes of pastries on a monthly basis since 2008, and just this year the Glendale store has graciously stepped up. Monthly donations have more than doubled, to over 800 boxes of pastries a month.

 A background history from their website tells the story of this families humble beginnings http://www.portosbakery.com/content/porto%E2%80%99s-bakery-cafe

One thought on “Honoring The Bread Winners, Porto’s Bakery

  1. I love having anything with the name Portos on it. Now that I know how much they help those less fortunate I will be happier to purchase their delicious food. So much good could be done if more businesses would donate their unused food instead of throwing it away. I’ve worked in the food industry and it would break my heart to see how much good food would end up in the trash. Portos keep up the good work and may God bless you and allow you to keep on doing so much good.

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