Andre Ethier Visits URM Once Again


This is Andre Ethier’s 6th year volunteering at Union Rescue Mission. I have one thing to say about his visit last Tuesday.

Andre Ethier is a natural.

While serving our guests Dodger Dogs donated by Farmer Johns, there was nothing artificial about his words or his actions. Even before and after the cameras were rolling, you could see him strike up conversations other volunteers and guests. At certain moments I would put my camera down and just observe him speak an encouraging word to those waiting in line for their hot dogs. In a world of deadlines, time limits, and haste, Andre was never in a rush, and never turned down opportunities for autographs and photos.

Especially with children.

Thank you Andre – for continuing to give your time to Union Rescue Mission, and for acting on what you believe. When asked if he had anything to say about his years of volunteering at Union Rescue Mission he replied,

“There’s always an opportunity to go out to do it, everyone says it and everyone wants to do it, but if you show up you’ll be rewarded,”



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